Leaders Point to the Light

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Leaders point to the light. Good leaders figure out where we want to go and they point the way and inspire us to act. In a participatory democracy we, the people, do the heavy lifting and we all benefit.

Rulers want to be obeyed. Rulers don’t inspire so much as control. Often this can benefit those who keep the rulers in power but when the people follow a ruler who is not following the light then the results can be disastrous for all concerned.

If  government by of the people, of the people and for the people is not to perish on our soil then we must elect leaders who will inspire all of us to care about each other and work toward the common good.

If we care about our country and are willing to work for the common good then we must elect leaders to help show us the way and coordinate our efforts.

We Need Leaders
Not Rulers

We want candidates for office who will

  • Tell us what they care about
  • Inspire us to find unity of purpose
  • Lead all the people of our nation in a collaboration to achieve what we decide to care about
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