Can we find a leader who will unite and inspire us?

Leaders are different from rulers.
Leaders inspire and unite.
Rulers divide and dictate.
We must elect leaders, not rulers.

Our country is in crisis

It feels like each half of America thinks the other half is the enemy.

In 1958 only 4% of Americans approved of interracial marriage. Today, 61% of us approve of gay marriage and almost everyone is accepting of interracial marriage.

But, there is one way we’ve become less tolerant. In 1958, 72% of Americans did not care if their children married someone of a different political party whereas today the majority of us are against “inter-party” marriage. This is a sorry state of affairs. (Source here.)

Our politics is destroying our country. Our neighbors aren’t the enemy. We all share a common enemy. That enemy is called Tyranny.

Art for change

Brooke Allen (on left) and Janusz Gilewicz (on right).

Leaders Not Rulers was created by two friends. We are:

Janusz Gilewicz ( is a Polish born artist who received political asylum in the United States after he staged a performance of a play based on George Orwell’s banned book 1984 in the year 1984.
Brooke Allen ( is an American born, retired business executive and son of a WW II veteran who raised him to believe that the United States was about liberty and justice for all.

Leaders Not Rulers began when Melania Trump was seen wearing a jacket that said “I really don’t care. Do u?” That’s when Brooke commissioned Janusz to create a jacket for him that said “I care. Do you?”

Then they decided to create a line of artwork that could be used on posters and T-shirts, publishing them under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license. This means that you can use our designs, even for commercial purposes, as long as you keep our website name on the design. You can even modify our designs as long as you allow others to use your derivative work under similar terms.

Feel free to print your own posters and T-Shirts and make money selling them to your friends, on the streets or at political rallies.

Select a design that interests you.

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Click on the image to get a copy.

Select this design by clicking on it anywhere.

Click on the image to get a copy.

We provide these designs in a format you can use to print posters and in mirror image form so you can create use iron-on ink transfer paper to create your own T-Shirts.

You can get Avery iron-on sheets here. For a review of eight various transfer paper brands go here.

Coming Soon

We’ve created a line of designs for each of the 2020 presidential hopefuls. We are presenting them to the candidates. These designs bear the following text:

Ask yourself, is Candidate Name a leader for all of us? and,
Do you believe Candidate Name will inspire us to care about each other?

If the candidates endorse these questions by June 15, 2019 then we will release each design with this inscription:

“This question has been endorsed by the candidate.”

If a candidate does not wish to endorse these questions (or if they do not respond by June 15, 2019) then the design for that candidat will carry this statement:

“This question HAS NOT been endorsed by the candidate.”